4/29/17 Part 2

  • About 4 days after we were married, I found out he had unlocked his phone. I did start checking almost nightly because it started bothering me again. At first, I didnt find anything and I was happy about that. Then, I went into his sent mail…he must have forgot to delete those. I found emails from several girls. He had posted sex ads on craigslist and had about 15, that I know of, encounters. I even found that some of these woman had come to our home while my child was sleeping, in the short time we were apart. This broke me. I did not know how to handle this situation. I ended up doing something I know now is wrong, but it gave me the information that I needed at the time. I installed spyware on his phone. This gave me much more than I bargained for. I only had the spyware on for one day when I found out what was truly going on. There were several texts going back and forth with one number consistently, but overall several numbers. That day, once I knew what was really going on, I called him. I asked him what he was doing. He said he was going to the dealership to sign the last of the paperwork. (we had just bought a new car). This was a bold faced lie. I knew that the paperwork was done, and I knew he was on the phone with the number that had come up several times. I had interrupted their phone call. I saw immediately, that he called that number right back as soon as we hung up the phone. I called him back later and told him what I knew. He called me a liar, denied what I was accusing him of, told me he was done with me and hung up on me. I left our home in a hurry as I did not want to see him when he came back to the house. I called my mother and explained to her what happened. I was very upset at this point. Crying uncontrollably, and could not handle my emotions. My mom said she would meet me at a fast food place that was by our home, so I proceeded to drive there. I then called that infamous number. A woman answered the phone and I could not contain myself. I immediately started screaming at her and accusing her of getting in between my husband and I. To my surprise, she let me rant for about 3-5 minutes when she said can I speak now? I reluctantly said go ahead. She had explained to me that she worked with my husband, and she was cheating on her husband with him. She started this relationship with him when my husband and I had first separated. She stated that she ended the relationship about two months after it started. She told me she was very happy with her husband and that it was a huge mistake that she had made. My husband, didnt seem to think so. She said he was borderline stalking her. She stated that she had told him several times to please leave her alone and to focus on his family. She continued to tell me that the phone conversation they had just had was her telling him to give me a chance and go home to his wife. He started crying on the phone she said. Kept saying he loved her and only wanted her. This woman and I continued to talk for about 45 minutes. I believed her. To this day, I truly believe what she was saying was true. We ended up hanging up the phone and my mother pulled up. She started accusing me of being the cause of all of this. That I was in the wrong. I then at this point was very upset and started to pull away. She was screaming at me to stop. I stopped and she pulled up next to me and got out and opened my door. At this point, I just wanted to calm down, go get my kids and go home. I kept telling my mother to get away from my car so I could shut the door. She wouldnt let me shut the door. As soon as she took her arm away, I closed the door. She at that point tried to stop the door by sticking her arm in the door as it closed. She then states I did in on purpose and tried to hurt her. (this will become more important later). I found out that he had already went and got my kids. I didnt know what to do or where to go. I ended up calling him and we decided that it be best if we talk. I went and picked him up and we went to the park because he would not “allow” me back in the house.  Not much was said. We just decided that it was over. We had been married for 6 days at this point so I was completely broken. I put a lot on the line, risked friendships etc, to marry him again. I dropped him back off at home, he packed me a very small suitcase and I left. I called him a couple hours later and it was a very scary conversation. He seemed very depressed, I had never heard him talk like this ever. I was actually worried for his safety at this point.  I had called and told my parents, but I am not sure what they did about it. I ended up going up to my work to wait for my friend to get off and talk to him about what happened. He suggested that I go back to the house to talk to him to try one last time to speak to him. This is where is the whirlwind of events start to happen and I wish I would have never gone back to that house because what happened next ruined my life….

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