6/14/2017 Whirlwind…

Its been a while since my last post and I apologize.  A lot has happened in a little time.  Once again, I have been screwed by the courts!  😦 Since my last post, I had filed to get full custody of my son which was my right to do under our divorce decree.  Once I got off probation, I could file for custody.  I had also filed a contempt on my ex-husband because he never follows the order.  Here is the story behind that.  We have had the same judge for 6 YEARS!  So he knew us very well.  I had filed contempt on several things, a list of 68 things to be exact.  The judge then ordered us to attend high conflict mediation.  Which was a complete JOKE!  He had us in separate rooms (per my ex’s request) which I think is absolutely ridiculous.  Nothing is going to get accomplished if we can’t grow up and face each other.  We were literally in there for 15 min ($80 later) and that was the end of that.  I had made SEVERAL suggestions on how to resolve our issues and he shut every one of them down.  So then he put down on the paper that we were “unable to resolve”.  There was two spots on the paper, one said mother refused to cooperate and one said father refused to cooperate and neither were checked.  Ummmm, excuse me????  I cooperated very well and my ex never even made one suggestion so why on earth was that box not checked?!  So then we have to have sentencing because we were “unable to resolve our issues”.  Now, let me back up….when I filed my contempt on my ex, he filed one right back on me for non-payment of child support and for taking my son to the doctor…ONCE.  Yes, you read that right.  I took my son to the doctor and he filed that as a contempt.  Anyways, the judge before he sent us to mediation found that I had actually OVERPAID by $3000.00!  And my ex said that I had underpaid by $5000.00, goes to show how much he is an idiot.  So the ONLY thing that I had left that was a “contempt” was the doctors visit.  So we go in for sentencing.  This lady comes into the court room.  Judge Patricia Lamberty.  I will never ever forget her.  She came into the court and started yelling at us right off the bat.  Now im thinking to myself, who the F is this lady anyways and where the heck is our judge!?  Come to find out he got promoted to appellate court :/ I miss him very much because what happened with this lady was unlike anything I have ever heard of happening.  She yelled at us for about five minutes telling us how we are ruining our sons life, blah blah blah and here’s the kicker…sentenced us BOTH TO 30 DAYS IN JAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Wait…im sorry WHAT?!  I took my son to the freaking doctor why am I going to Jail???  The officer started walking over with freaking handcuffs.  Reminder, I have no attorney so I am sitting here not knowing wtf to do at this point.  So his attorney finally says something and says, Judge, is there anyway they can purge this to avoid jail. She immediately said “come up with a new order in 48 hours or you are both going to jail for 30 days”.  Now my head is spinning at this point.  A new order in 48 hours?  How am I supposed to even grasp what is going on let alone come up with a whole new order in 2 days?!  So we make arrangements to go to his attorneys office to get this done.  My parents go with to make sure everything is kosher.  So we get there and start hashing out details.  We going over everything, like drop/offs and pick/ups and Holidays and parenting time and then he states that Thursdays “don’t work for him” so he wants me to give them up.  Well I’m sorry they “don’t work for you” sir but I only see my son once a week and every other weekend so sorry but NO.  So then my Dad speaks up and says you only see him for two hours on Thursday anyways so do you want to go to jail??  Then my ex says if you give up Thursdays I’ll give him to you for 60 days in the summer.  Now my head is still spinning from the whirlwind of events that JUST happened at the courthouse and now I am trying to process all this happening in this room with a person I can’t stand.  I can’t take it home and mull it over, I have to make a decision right then and there or I risk being taken away from my boys for 30 days!  So I agree because in my mind I’m thinking well I still have my custody paperwork filed so this is only temporary.  So I also ask his attorney.  No decision here today is final correct?  I can still go forward with my custody hearing.  He said oh yes absolutely.  So I agree to forgo my Thursdays and have him for two months in the summer.  I told my ex that I was not going to do that to him.  Me trying to be nice once again bites me in the ass.  I said I could not possibly go two whole months without seeing my son so halfway, pick a weekend and you can have him for one weekend.  He resisted and then accepted.  Little did I know, freaking Father’s day falls right in line with the time I have him, so does Fourth of July.  Now again, I did not have time to mull this over.  The only thing in my mind is wow, two whole months with my son, that would be awesome…yeah no.  Its actually just about a month and a half because he will end up taking three entire weekends from me :/  He knew this at the time and knew I did not realize how much time I would actually be losing.  If this was not enough, I call to find out the court to find out when my next court date is and guess what they told me?!?!  My case is CLOSED.  There is not reopening it, no pass go, no collect $200.00.  Me “updating” our order said to the court we are done.  This is the new order and that’s that.  EXCUSE ME?!  I was told by the JUDGE and by my ex’s attorney that this in no way would effect my filing of custody.  I have talked to 4 attorneys and they have all turned me away saying there is nothing I can do.  I REFUSE to believe that.  We were forced by this judge to come up with a new order.  That has NOTHING to do with me getting custody of my son.  I have now filed a complaint against the Judge and am patiently waiting for a response.  In the meantime, I have had my son since June 🙂  It’s been ABSOLUTELY amazing having him this entire time.  It has been tough acclimating to getting two kids up in the AM to get ready for summer school/work/daycare but we are getting it done!  And I would not change it for anything in the world.  Every fit, every tear, every attitude, and every smile I savor those, because I don’t get them very often…soon we will go back to only seeing each other once every two weeks.  I don’t even want to think about that because its going to be unbearable.  So I apologize for the seldom posts as of late, but I have been spending every waking minute I can with my little buggaboo 🙂  Till’ next time my loves…


P.S. I will be posting the rest of my story soon, I just wanted to get out what had happened the last few months on here.  There’s still more to my previous story.  I swear this NEVER is ending 😦


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