Mothers of Nebraska UNITED

My name is Melissa.  I have been in a custody battle for 5 years that abrubly ended yesterday in finding out that this fight is over and there is nothing that any attorney or anyone else can do to help me.

In the past five years, I have 100% lost faith in our judicial system and I fully believe that these judges don’t even read whats going on let alone make any decisions themselves.  The courts are responsible for ruing our babies lives.  These are OUR babies, that came out of US after being a part of us for 9 months, the only thing they knew…and now they are gone.  And what do you do after something so detrimental has happened.  How do you go on with life with your children at an arms reach and can only see them once every two weeks, or worse, not at all.

My goal for this blog is to come together.  You are NOT alone, I promise you.  I want to spread the word about the epidemic that is happening all around the country right now and fight, fight for our babies until we cant fight anymore.

If you live in the Omaha area or are willing to travel, I would like to set up once a month meetings for us to support each other, tell our stories and brain storm ideas of how we can change this awful thing that is happening.  This is happening to GOOD mothers.  Fathers are given FULL CUSTODY that have history of abuse, working mothers that provide for her babies.  ANYONE can lose custody.  If you are going through this at all please join our fight.  And don’t give up, were with you 100%~your not alone.

  • Melissa